NuCommerce: Experience the Evolution NuCommerce: Experience the Evolution

A commerce platform beyond point of sale

Screenshots of deployment options


Several retailers brought us a problem: "Can we modernize our POS while avoiding the risk of a rip-and-replace project?"

Mobile First

It's mobile first — but our UX technology is delightful on thin clients, thick, and everywhere in between.

Cloud Ready

Your business decisions are expressed as reusable microservices for use by all your retail systems. Cloud or on-premise, your choice.


Running in a store near you

Enterprise Retail Functionality

Core point-of-sale

Use core point-of-sale functionality out of the box or tailor it to your business.

Line Busting

Reduce lines and increase sales by checking out in-aisle and offering line-busting scanning at checkout. Your customer will love you for it.


Self-checkout is a favorite option for evolving a legacy POS.

Price Checker

A price checker comes out of the box and any number of custom in-store applications can be built on top of the framework.


Your customers expect a seamless experience when ordering online and picking up at a store.

Promotion Engine

A robust promotion engine that can be used across all of your channels.

Endless Aisle

Love the shirt but don't have your size? With endless aisle, you can save the sale by looking up inventory nearby or ship from a distribution center.


Out of box integrations for RTLog, Third Party Tax engines, and more.

Back Office

With centralized store visibility and control.

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